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Business Development Consultancy


In today's dynamic government and international markets, let Hana Kai provide your company with a competitive edge.  Our Business Development division specializes in guiding small to medium sized companies in the Oil & Gas, Technology, Defense, and Security sectors into govenrment contracting and the international realm.  For clients already positioned in the global marketplace, Hana Kai offers next-steps consultancy to increase and improve business, identify new clients, and avoid pitfalls in navigating complex cultural, political, and economic issues.  We leverage existing contacts overseas and seek out new ones to fit our client's specific needs.


Hana Kai associates are best suited to provide these services in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  We leverage our global network and focused approach to help clients achieve their goals and identify appropriate markets to pursue.  A personalized, goal-driven approach, Hana Kai provides its clients with tailored information they need to achieve their business growth worldwide.  


Hana Kai also offers specialized assistance and networking for companies seeking to initiate or expand their business via direct and assistance contracts.


Why are businesses seeking Hana Kai's expertise? Because we are a trusted, responsive firm who always put our clients first.  And, because the issues of the day are increasingly complex - Hana Kai is poised to help.


  • How do shifting relations with Iran, Russia, and China change the global dynamic?


  • Have recent elections in Nigeria effected the landscape for doing business in West Africa?  How does regional terrorism effect the security of your personnel and resources?


  • Will continued disputes in the South China Sea influence business opportunities in the region?


  • What's next in the Arctic, Turkey, and Russia? 


Hana Kai offers personalized consultancy packages for firms of all sizes, tailored to fit each client's goals and requirements in the region of their choosing.



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Business Development Consultancy

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